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Unlock the Power of Inhouse Training:

Experience a new era of professional development with our inhouse workshops. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your team, our training sessions are designed to elevate skills, foster collaboration, and drive success. Say goodbye to generic training – embrace a customized approach that brings out the best in your workforce.

Experiential Learning that Makes an Impact:

At Business in Mentoring, we believe in learning by doing. Our experiential workshops immerse participants in real-world scenarios, ensuring they grasp theoretical concepts and acquire practical skills that can be immediately applied on the job. Prepare your team for success with hands-on experiences that go beyond the classroom.

Elevate Skills with Cutting Edge Education:

Stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world with our cutting-edge education programs. From the latest industry trends in diversity, equity and inclusion to advanced techniques in communication, our training modules are designed to keep your team at the forefront of their field. Empower your workforce with the knowledge they need to excel in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Dialogue Dexterity

A training program for leaders to minimize the risk of psychosocial hazards in the workplace and create communication champions for your organisation.
It uniquely empowers your leaders with experience through our actor-enabled discussion.

Elevate your leadership communication skills with Dialogue Dexterity, a transformative course blending theoretical and experiential learning. Designed for Executives, Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders, this program equips participants with a comprehensive toolkit for navigating crucial conversations. Learn to make discussions comfortable, transparent, and yield positive outcomes by practising with skilled actors.

The course focuses on developing the capacity to adeptly handle common workplace scenarios, retain and motivate staff, manage performance humanely, diffuse negative emotions, improve camaraderie, and implement proven effective communication frameworks. Enhance your organization’s appeal to potential employees and reduce the risk of psychological safety claims. Dialogue Dexterity is your key to fostering impactful and resilient leadership communication.

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Presentations and Pitches


Elevate your team’s presentation and pitching skills through our tailored corporate training programs. Designed to empower professionals across all levels, our training sessions provide a comprehensive understanding of effective communication strategies, compelling storytelling techniques, and the art of impactful delivery.

Participants will gain hands-on experience, learning to craft engaging presentations that resonate with diverse audiences and mastering the nuances of successful pitches.

From honing body language and vocal modulation to incorporating persuasive visuals, our training equips individuals with the confidence and proficiency needed to excel in high-stakes presentations.

Invest in your team’s success by enrolling in our corporate training, where polished presentation and pitching skills translate into enhanced influence, stronger client relationships, and greater overall business success.

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Energize and empower your team through our insightful and captivating workshops. Participants are guaranteed to gain valuable tools and actionable tips that can be implemented immediately, ensuring tangible results. These workshops have been meticulously tried and tested, receiving positive feedback from our Leadership Summits to in-house engagements. Generally, one-hour duration, they offer flexibility by being delivered either online or in person, making them ideal for a productive lunch and learn session. The content can be tailored to align with your company’s vision, goals and needs; addressing unconscious bias, communication, presentations, career development, diversity, and inclusion.

Explore topics like:-

  • How To Have Difficult Conversations – Gender Equity Lens,
  • Managing Up,
  • Find Your Voice,
  • Valuing Your Worth
  • Leadership Mistakes to Avoid.
  • Unconscious Bias

Unleash the potential within your team and foster a culture of continuous growth and development. Download the brochure NOW. 

Lisa & Steve were 2 exceptional mentors who played a pivotal role in preparing me for a critical pitch of my research project to a room of donors.  Their guidance was not just professional but also profoundly personable, enabling me to deliver a pitch that resonated with both emotion and clarity.  Lisa’s expertise in communication strategies was evident with her uncanny ability to identify and refine key messages, ensuring they strike a chord with audience.  Steve was instrumental with his insights into storytelling, transforming the delivery of my narrative to be compelling and persuasive.  Lisa and Steve form a formidable team.  They provided me with tools and confidence necessary to transforming my presentation touching on the art of connecting with an audience on an emotional level.


Dr I-Lynn Lee

Consultant Endocrinologist at Western Health