Build organisational capability and fast-track results through  Customised Mentoring  

Do you have challenging KPI’s to achieve?
Struggling with diversity & inclusion?

Do you want to improve retention and attract top talent?

Accomplish professional development, diversity and inclusion goals and expedite women into leadership.

Improve internal satisfaction and gain loyalty through the achievement of your employees career path and professional development plans

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” â€” Oprah Winfrey



Determine your key goals and KPI’s, then build them into the program as goals to be achieved.

Move beyond coaching.

The art of a good coach or is to ask great questions and challenge. Imagine how much more powerful this can be when combined with real workplace experience and a network.

Great mentors not only question, they share their lived & witnessed experiences. Expanding their mentee’s horizons beyond what they already know.

They can aid mentees in the essential advancement of networking up, branding and profile building by introducing them to some of their networks.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” â€” Isaac Newton


Fill skill gaps

Access mentors with specific skills and experience not available within your organisation.

Ensure your senior leaders don’t become exhausted with too many mentees.

Challenge your high potential employees with outside knowledge and experience.

With over 50 Mentors available you will be spoilt for choice.

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What our participants think…

Working with Kistin keeps me sane and reminds me of what my main focus is (it can be easy to lose focus with competing priorities).

Most importantly, she provides me with the right contacts to support me and get my job done.


If you think you don’t need a mentor – you probably do! We all are great at providing advice/coaching others but don’t take heed of it ourselves -having that mirror reflected back is really good to just take a moment and reflect on where you are going and what it is you want to achieve. My mentor did exactly that for me which I appreciated!

I was matched perfectly with my mentor, who offered great objective advice and perspectives on my situation and some solutions to help.

Definitely recommend.