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The Mentor Masterclass


Not all leaders are natural mentors. Take the time to train your team with the latest in best practice mentoring.

Develop your team as an asset to your business.

•Difference between Mentoring & Coaching
•Scoping the opportunity
•Developing a contract with your mentee
•Active Listening
•Problem Solving
•Developing a strategic connection plan
•Difficult situations
•Maintaining the Momentum

And they will achieve CPD certification 

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”― Robert Frost 


The course is available to suit your mentor’s work schedule. It will take approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete including the mandatory quizzes and case studies. 

Each lesson is assessed to ensure the mentor has truly learnt the content and they have access to the trainers 24/7 through the online discussion forum.

Upon successful completion, the Mentor will be certified by CPD.

This course is for experienced managers and leaders we would recommend that they have had a minimum of 10 years of experience, ideally in a management role. All participants will need to sign a work declaration to be eligible for certification.

Please note that whilst those with less experience are welcome to do the course, you will not be eligible for certification.

Cost is $350 per Mentor.


Bulk pricing is available on request

What our mentors think…

Mentoring is the process of encouraging and brainstorming to help an individual navigate challenges or aspirations leveraging the mentor’s experience.

Sharing and trust make it a fulfilling experience for both.

Shilpa Bale

Mentoring is a trusted relationship of sharing and support, with a goal to support the mentee in striving towards and achieving their goals and developing their career.

A successful mentoring relationship enriches both the mentee and the mentor.

Pia Broadley

Coaching is a process of authentic questioning that allows the coachee to explore options and consequences before deciding on a course of action suitable to the desired outcome.

Mentoring is a meeting of minds, a 2 way communication where both parties share knowledge, skills and best practice before deciding on a course of action suitable to a desired outcome.

Sian Stephens